Circus Roberlina Goes Photovoltaic + Tutorial :)

Today is Bea’s birthday, one of my best friends! She’s also got a very nice blog. We are both very concerned with clean energy and I want to make a special post for her special-after-full-moon birthday :)

Now that I have a water pump, a little 12 V fridge and music constantly playing from my iPod it’s time to take advantage of some sun energy!

I’ve built my 12 V photovoltaic system last week and I want to share a tutorial with you! It was very very easy, also kind of magic! My hero Nikola Tesla would be proud of me!

I have bought everything in Conrad (they were all very understanding and gentle :))

What you need is:

* a Photovoltaic panel (mine is a 20 W)

* A car battery

* Minus and plus battery connectors

* A solar charge regulator

* A car 12 V plug to connect your 12 V devices (lamps, fridges, pumps, ipods, mobile phones, …)

* Electric cables

* Some tools like scissors, pliers and a little screwdriver

This is the result:

I have screwed all to a wooden plant trolley to have all in the same place and because the battery is very heavy, so I can move the system easily :)

Look at this (childlike) drawing:

 ** Click on it to enlarge **

Basically you first connect the solar charge regulator to the battery:

you cut a piece of cable, you open it and separate the plus (Red) and minus (Blue) at both extremities.

You connect one extremity to the solar charge regulator: the red cable to the + and the blue to the -.

Then you connect the other extremity to the battery: red to the + and blue to the -. I have used 2 car battery connectors like in the photo below.  In the end when you’ll connect your 12 V devices you can put all the plus together and all the minus together easily and it will be neat! ;)

Then you cut another piece of cable, as long as you need, and you separate the extremities like before ;) You connect one extremity to the plus and minus of the solar panel and one to the plus and minus of the solar charge regulator. And you will see the magic: instantly the regulator’s “charging” light will turn on! The battery is already charging! Yiuuupppiiii!!! :)

Laden = to charge

Akku voll = Battery full

And here you see all my devices at work! :) I am so proud I have done this alone!


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