All Is One and One is All

This morning I’ve talked with the Orange Guy and he reminded me how important it is not to forget that we are all one and that this One is All!

I know it sounds crazy but I’ve understood this when I was in elementary school… I tell you how this idea came to my mind.
It was almost summer and we reached the end of our textbook, the beautiful drawings of atoms and atom’s particles in the last pages of the book completely captured my fantasy. I kept daydreaming about the scientists that first thought they could be able to see such small particles and about how they started creating the first atom microscope and all that followed… Above all I was thinking of the reason of why they wanted to know what was inside an atom in the first place…!
Then in a second I realized that the core of an atom is alike the universe, with its planets orbiting around stars, which, themselves orbit around galaxies and so on and on….

I do indeed agree with the holographic theory of our uni(multi)verse: each tiny section of a hologram contains the information for the entire hologram. So if an atom contains the entire universe it is easy to think that we are all connected!
We really are a One “thing” interconnected with each others. Me with you and you with the Earth and the Earth with the Sun and then again the Sun with me and you. You can be the Sun and I can be the Moon if we want. Potentially we are all. It’s so cool! It feels good! :)

Anyway, I just wanted to remind you!

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