White-magic deer

I was here, just few minutes before catching my little train to the city…

when I’ve encontered these 3 little deers, one of which was a white albino (magic) one…

They were in the middle of the 2 rail lines and I’ve tried to scream in order to send them again to the forest, but they were not at all scared by me and my dog… They have escaped just a little bit away but not enought to be out of danger. And even worse they were running along the rail lines and not away from them…

So I went back to where I left my bike and I run as fast as I could to reach them, then I went myself in the middle of the 2 rail lines and started to run and to wave my hands and arms like a crazy: they took the right direction and they run – better – jump into the forest again!!! I was so happy for them! And so proud of me and my dog Margot! This was a great present Mother Nature gave me yesterday: i did the return journey with the biggest smile on my face!!!    :)

I deserve an Amaro Montenegro now…

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